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Name: Emma Grace Frost
Alias: The White Queen
Species Homo Superior (Mutant)

Powers: Emma Frost has been classified as an omega class telepath, and has been shown to best other very powerful telepaths including Nate Grey and Rachel Summers. She has routinely been beaten, however, by Jean Grey, although typically Grey's powers have been amplified by the Phoenix Force during such exchanges. Frost can read minds, communicate at great distances, mind control, altering memories/perceptions, astral projection, psychic shielding mental sedation, and even amplifying other mutant's powers by taking control of their neural pathways. She is also capable of shifting to an invulnerable, virtually tireless diamond form. In this form, however, her telepathy is inhibited - she can neither use it on others nor be the target of telepathy herself.

A full backstory can be found here. This is the Emma Frost of the comics. Emma Frost was once a villainous leader of the Hellfire Club, but through a complicated series of events came to throw her lot in with the X-Men and become one of it's central leaders. She engaged in a relationship with Cyclops, stealing him from Jean Grey, but has since broken up with him following the events of Avengers vs X-Men where both betrayed one another in different ways while possessed by the phoenix force. When returned to normal, she found that her telepathic abilities had been severely compromised. Now they are erratic and out of her control. Sometimes she projects thoughts without meaning to. At other times, she has random access to her powers. The one power that has remained constant is her diamond form. (Note: This weakness may change over the course of RP and or comics, but it seems like something interesting to play out so I'll run with it for as long as it's worthwhile.)

In the comic books, she has thrown her lot in with Cyclops and his band of outlaw X-Men. I will be playing Emma as having become disgusted with him and that whole enterprise and having struck off on her own. It is not the first time she has decided to make her own fortune - after all, she did it when she left her father. It is, however, the first time she has been one of the most wanted individuals in the world while doing so and with no backup.

Mun and Muse are over 18. Emma is (gasp) around 30 at this point in the comics.

Also, to avoid any potential wangst, in case you don't know her character, Emma Frost is an unrepentant bitch. If she is a bitch to your character, it does not mean that I hate you OOC. It quite likely doesn't even necessarily mean that she hates your character. It is just her personality. She is generally better than you, and she knows it.
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